Saturday, March 06, 2010

Carry On Tuesday # 43

Your prompt for Tuesday March 9th

This week our prompt is the start of The Beatles song Love You To

Each day just goes so fast

I turn around - it’s past

Use all or part of it within your poem or prose and then leave the url of your post with Mister Linky and a comment.

To hear Love You To and to read more about it click here!


  1. I so look forward to this weekly brain-exerciser!

  2. Procrastination...finding the good in delaying!


  3. I totally forgot about today being Tuesday I sat down and quickly wrote something down to make my post this is why it isn't that great but I dedicate it to my wife because she means so much to me. The money situation is creating problems for us and were arguing a bit more but I promised her I'd love her for ever and that is my intentionsstill to this day..
    I love you clare.I'm up and posted just follow the link provided below.

    Eternal Love

    Love Larry

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